Art and Antique Market

Works of Art and Furniture

Find unique pieces of primitive furniture when you visit Arts & Antiques Marketplace, a popular art and antique market in Fairmont, West Virginia. We are the ultimate go-to place for anyone who is interested in anything artistic, rare, and vintage. There are more than 80 vendors on three of our five floors!  Each of them is offering one-of-a-kind masterpieces and furnishing that you won’t see in other places. Whether you are looking for vintage candle holders, vases, or paintings, visit our marketplace and check out the breath-taking collections of our individual sellers. We are adding new vendors everyday so visit often and you will always find something new.


Incorporating Art in the City

Who said art cannot prevail in the city? With all the talented and passionate artisans and antique collectors we have at our marketplace, you are sure to believe that art never ceases even in the middle of a concrete jungle. If you want to take part in this biggest collaboration among Fairmont artisans, crafters, and collectors, let us know. We have enough space for you.




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